Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine the perception of the real estate industry.

We aim to transform the industry, one client at a time, by going back to core values. Clients have a right to expect integrity, honesty, and a high standard of service from property specialists.

We intend to grow with, give back to, and act as leaders within both our community and the real estate industry as a whole.



Our passion is connecting the client with the home best suited to their needs.

We aim to achieve that connection through our dedication to attention to detail and being conscious of constant market trends.

We believe relationships matter, so we strive to build trust and communicate openly and transparently. We are committed to walking the journey together.

Our focus is not only on the client as an individual, but on service delivery as a whole. We believe that teamwork has a positive impact on the industry, andĀ  strive to exceed expectations.

Our Story

13 years in a remote village in the heart of Northern Mocambique nurtured a love and passion for people at grass roots.

Moving back to South Africa, where we have now been based for 10 years, gave me an opportunity to channel my love for the hospitality industry and for people as individuals into a career.

I started as a booking agent, placing guests into guesthouses, and expanded from there into the real estate industry. I encountered an increasing demand for long term rentals, as well as an increase in frustration and complaints about bad service in the industry.

It has always been about hospitality for me, and making people feel like more than just another face in the crowd. I saw this need as an opportunity to offer better service.

I started working as an independent contractor with an international company, and after 4 years it was time to make my own positive impact on the real estate industry. For most of our family life, we have worked together as a team, and we will continue doing it.

I am driven by a set of values that I aim to implement in my daily life, both personal and professional. My passion for people has only increased over the years, and so has my need to redefine the perception of the real estate industry.

I look forward to continuing placing clients in their forever homes, and having them become forever friends.


Meet the team

There is no "one size fits all" recipe in the real estate industry because each client has different needs. We as a family understand that each of us offers a different skill set and has a unique outlook, so we strive to offer a service that isĀ tailored to the individual...because we care.

05 Century 21

Valerie Knoetze

Director & Property Sales

Val is a loyal and compassionate person, who is usually involved in a variety of community projects. She fights hard for what she believes in, is consistently available when needed, and maintains a positive outlook. Her passion in life is people, and nothing feels quite as satisfying as matching a property with its perfect owner.

06 Century 21

Jessica Malan

Property Rentals

Jess is refreshingly authentic, and will never apologize for being who she is. She is a logical thinker, puts everything back in its place, and loves helping people by streamlining the rental process for them. She is loved by her landlords and tenants alike, and is always available to assist.

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